The most broadened addiction causes

Everybody can be addicted but not everybody is. Why? If two persons start playing one game, one of them understands that it's enough and it's time to stop, another can't get this idea of limit and continues playing until he or she is completely busted. Again the question is why… There are lots of reasons, lots of causes of fails and exposure to some bad habits and states. Everything depends on us - we have always to remember this. But still, our organism and all that psychological things that are roaming through our brains tend to be uncontrollable, and we can't do anything.

Addiction comes very easily, but it's rooted very hardly. Read about the reasons that cause gambling addiction with horrible circumstances when addicts can't find their way out and need the professional help.

Let's find the answer to the question "why?"

  • First of all, let's look at this problem from the biological point of view. We're receiving our pleasure and joy from the different ferments that stimulate such feelings. Addicted persons are manipulated by the dopamine agonists' overstimulation. This situation leads to the compulsive addiction: player gets pleasure from some patterns that were created in his mind, and every time when the gambler sees, for example, gambling machines, the secondary effect of dopamine rises, overexcites and therefore the player wants to play more and more.
  • Adrenaline is supposed to be one of the factors that can lead the gambler to such excitement: something risky, dangerously-pleasant. The same process of winning gives so much satisfaction that those "happy chemicals" keep raising in our mind, but some people can stop them, and other gamblers aren't in power to reject this contentment.
  • The other main cause of addiction is the feeling of safety at the casino's shelter. The gamblers bear the status of escaped players that run from depression, all the negative emotional feelings, pain that they have outside, thus this disgusting social emptiness begins to be filled with gambling. And this "fuel" feeds them with something else, more attractive and pleasant than general distress that they have at home.
  • The well-known notion of "easy money" attracts lots of visitors that can easily be converted into the addicted gamblers that can't stop gambling, can't be satiated by dangerous freebie. Plus the surrounding addicts can easily make us, healthy people be the same. This bad influence is really strong, be vigilant.

However, it is important not only to discover the causes of addiction, but to find the ways of its treatment. The solution of problem gambling - is the first thing that we need. Having analyzed these reasons, it'll be easier to sort out what kind of gambler you are and whether you have such traits. But nobody is insured from such "bad mental games", that are being held in our brains.