Negative effects: addiction complications

Addiction and different substance disorders, connected with gambling, always lead to negative effects and unpleasant consequences. It is said, that one-third of persons, who have compulsive addiction, disease can be recovered from even without special treatment, but if a person hasn't got rid of addiction himself, he really faces potential devastation.

Addiction forecast

The intervention of problem gambling into the life of a normal person can have the most horrible and unexpected results, if not to withdraw this habit. Let's analyze the biggest complications of the problem of compulsive gambling, that are not far away, if you're an addict:

  • Financial problems, including the highest debts, which are impossible to discharge. This complication is considered to be at the first place, if you are a gambling addict, because at the casino everybody races for the biggest amount of payouts, which just lead them into the addiction abuse. Gambling greed is the first thing, which an addict feels; as a result he\she has a bankrupt status.
  • Family and friends estrangement. This kind of family and just social relations deterioration is evident, if you are an addict. According to the statistics, such gamblers tend to express domestic violence and even abuse children.
  • It is known that women experience a co-morbid complication of addiction in a more acute way and tend to have greater complication from psychological point of view: addiction depression, escapism from reality, avoidance, anger etc.
  • Legal problems are faced by approximately 90% of compulsive gamblers. If not to stop this addiction, the ill persons may have negative outcomes of incarceration, because they usually commit felonies: they have to take money from somewhere in order to gamble.
  • Job deterioration can even have such a negative result, as job loss or even stigma of professional background. The addicted workers can't perform their job in a proper way.
  • Gambling addiction leads to other associated problems as alcohol and drug abuse. Such persons are uncontrollable, so these effects are quite extensive among the problem gamblers.
  • Self-esteem of addicts is reduced very much: they easily fall into depression and the most horrible thing is that they don't value their lives in such a way that become easily prone to committing a suicide, which is the worst outcome of the gambling addiction problem. Such hotspots as Las Vegas, New Jersey and Atlantic City in the USA have the highest percentage of the suicide occasions.

Every addicted gambler can have such negative effects, but he\she also may get into the small percentage of the self-cured addicts. In spite of everything, every gambler has to worry a little bit about such risks.