Gambling addiction identification

Are you addicted? Think a little bit… Don't rush to answer, just remember the last time you visited the casino, and your feelings there. The heat captured you with the first winning, adrenaline was roaming in your brain and the clear mind wasn't so clear at that moment: you wanted to borrow money from your friend that tried to get you out from the casino, you even became mad, because you were sure that you were lucky and that it was exactly your day. Does it sound familiar?

To be a winner in the competition against the addiction

It can happen that you might think that maybe you have such a predisposition to gambling addiction, just try to show yourself as a stronger fighter in the competition against the addiction. If you manage to face it without any hesitations and gaze at the eyes of the addiction evil, you will receive the prize and will be the definite winner. If not, just try not to ignore it and get depressed- one of the addiction phases, where it's really hard to cure a sick person.

To be cured in whatever way, a right diagnosis of your disease is needed - that's why there is so much general information about gambling addiction and its classification, phases, symptoms. Even if you have noticed the main addiction symptoms of depression, changes in mood and wish to escape from reality into some gambling establishment, where at last you'll have the possibilities to be successful and not worthless as in the real world, it doesn't always mean that it's gambling addiction.

How to detect the addiction

You have always to remember that addiction is a real compulsive need that must be definitely fulfilled in spite of all the circumstances. Are you borrowing money to play? Do you feel that you are not in power to control this devouring craving inside of you? Are the answers 'yes"? Bad for you…But not only these questions may detect the addiction; there are lots of other indicators and signs that will just tell you the definite answer. At this moment try to think about the answers to these questions:

  • Have you ever missed work or any other important event to deserve yourself to gambling?
  • Have you ever had a remorse feeling after the games?
  • Having gambled, do you ever have the feelings to come back again to the casino?
  • Do you think about games having visited the casino and can it even disturb your sleep?

That's bad if you have positive answers, but in order to know exactly you really have to pass the addiction test, and thus you'll have your condition identification.

Don't be afraid when you really start to suspect some uncontrollable wishes to gamble, you have done the main task already - the addiction recognition is the rightest step in the way to treatment.