The downward addiction phases

The problem gambling can include several addiction phases and the person's task is to recognize these symptoms at once and take some remedies to prevent its progress.

What to be prepared for?

  1. Winning addiction phase. This stage gives the players an enormous portion of optimism and happiness after they had received some winnings, while gambling. This feeling of enthusiasm gives them hope that it will continue; the unreasonable expectation of receiving easy money makes each player play more and more.
  2. Losing addiction phase. At this stage, the player understands that the winning phase is not everlasting, and he or she is wasting all money, but, still, the addiction doesn't disappear and the gambler won't stop. The player's behavior makes signals that he or she has already become infected with the ruining disease - the gamer misses work, can not fall asleep at home, has the groundless changes in mood. Addiction symptoms are evident - the gambler thinks about this situation as if about the "black" gaming period.
  3. Desperation addiction phase. Here, the main thing that is noticed is the amount of time, spent on gambling - it keeps increasing, and the time frames become erased. The most negative feelings are experienced by the player at this time - remorse, depression, frustration. But the gambler still doesn't take it as his problem - the others are guilty in everything, he\she blames everybody. Addicts even don't think about taking responsibility for their actions and behavior - in order to find money for gambling, they do the most unpredictable things. And if they don't manage to do this, such players can be prone to suicide.

Eventually, gambling addiction comes to the phase of self-criticism, during which the gambler realizes the fact of his disease. There is no progress in life, but only in the development of the addiction. In many cases, during this phase the familiars and relatives of the gambler organize the medical and therapeutic help. But it's not the end of the treatment.

  1. Building addiction phase. The gambler realizes that he\she has been wrong. The players at this phase understand that they are really sick and weak before gambling greed and try to find their consolation everywhere but not in the casino.
  2. The growth phase. Here, the person is controlled by the clear consciousness and not by addiction. The player has already self-criticized and examined all the situation and starts to make the conclusions, which usually lead to the happy end. Let it be!