To be aware of it: addiction recognition

The "hidden illness", addiction, is not a simple disease that is cured immediately, having been detected. It fills the brain with "pus" that is spreading through body and soul. Its development is gaining speed, and if it reaches its goal, the individual can encounter lots of negative outcomes.

We already know that addiction recognition is quite a difficult issue to discern - you'll not always notice the main symptoms and signs of addicted gamblers. But addicts are captured by gambling, and perceive the situation as a real shelter from frustration, that is waiting at a corner, as soon as they leave a casino.

Compulsive gambling

To be one of the compulsively addicted people is not very pleasant. It's not the same as problem gambling of some players, who just spend lots of money and have this destructive habit to play more and more. Here, the main difficulty is born inside of each person - in mind and brain. The compulsive gambler is that one, who really feels a great preoccupation with gambling every time, the point is not that he/she doesn't want to control him/herself, he/she really can't. Behavioral and mental disorders don't wait much and seize immediately the person, who is turned from problem gambler into the compulsive one, immediately. It's really dangerous to leave compulsive gambling without treatment - it can lead to the development of messy emotions.

Addiction or greed

If the main purpose of playing gambling games is money, it means, that a gambler faces threats to become addicted and just to be one of people with compulsive gambling. Covetousness itself involves a meaning of accumulating more at the expense of somebody else. And the main idea is that a player is not going to return anything. Here, the gambling addiction comes, and if the dueling is done for the purpose of the mutual murder, in gambling you will notice mutual greed. If a person defines money, winnings and just payouts as a main goal which he/she'd like to gain -gambling will be converted into the most amusing and innocent entertainment and this is really worth trying: the world without money slaves is much brighter and more pleasant.

FAQ& Myths& Facts

Everybody, who has met such unpleasant thing, as problem gambling, always has to remember the main points of this notion and the main facts, which will bust all the incorrect myths. To be aware of the differentiation between problem gambling and compulsive gambling, is really important, when you want to help your addicted friends, not to mention the recognition between the facts, that are just told, and those, that are right.