Face up the gambling devil: addiction symptoms and signs

It's easy. What all the addicted persons do when they are really addicted? First of all, they stick to their habit as glue to something. They continue doing it each day, each moment - whether its alcohol, drugs, food or games.

The second and the main sign of the fact that you are or somebody else is addicted is when you deny this fact. Everybody tells you "Enough!" and you are like a stranger to the problem, and being out of vigor even to recognize it, you remain surprised with such slander about your person. If it's about you, or your familiar, just sit down, don't be nervous, and act.

Symptoms are the feelings or just the state of the soul that the same gambler can notice and feel.

You are addicted if:

  • You are playing secretly. Yeah, this is it - if you don't tell anybody that you are playing and lie about it, wasting money.
  • You don't control your playing. You understand that you really can't give up gambling. You would like to do this, but you're just out of powers - something else, which is very strong, forces you to do this - like gambling greed.
  • You are borrowing money. This is very bad, and one of the most negative outcomes is that the person begins to steal and not in order to buy some food and to bring it home - he\she wastes it on games.
  • You are not engaging in anything else. You understand that wherever you are, you long to be at the casino and to try your luck there, because, perhaps, easy money will come. If you are just noticing everywhere a slot machine, for example, you are one of the addicted gamblers.

Signs are the manifestations of the abnormal behavior that you observe in your gambling addicted familiar.

Your friend is addicted if:

  • You notice great changes in mood, which have no explanation and are just groundless.
  • When you see that your friend is obsessed about gambling preoccupation.
  • The player becomes tolerant towards the gambling.
  • When he/she doesn't play, he/she is led to a strong withdrawal.

All these symptoms and signs are unlimited. There are lots of addiction displays, but we cannot always notice them. "He\she is a normal person, just tends to play more than usual, and what?" Now - nothing, then - just the greatest difficulty, that one particular family can have.

You've recognized symptoms and signs in yourself, or the behavior of your friend resembles the one of an addicted person? Do something, don't shut your eyes and wait for his "enlightenment", it's in vain.