Find out about your gambling condition: addiction test

The detection of exact gambling addiction is not a simple task to solve: if you are or somebody else is playing some kind of games, very often it really doesn't mean that you have some addiction symptoms. The first step that any family, which suspects addiction of one of its members, has to do is to test the exact gambler, asking the following questions.

Don't delay, do it right now! But don't forget that being sincere you'll have the right addiction identification.

Test II

Choose the right answers to the following questions:

1. Indicate the largest sum of money, which you can bet during one day:

  1. I've never bet
  2. Less, than $1
  3. Less, than $10
  4. Less, than $100
  5. Less, than $1,000
  6. Less, than $10 000
  7. More, than $10, 000

2. Indicate the close person that is addicted to gambling:

  1. Father\mother
  2. Sister\brother
  3. Partner\spouse
  4. One of the children
  5. One of the grandparents
  6. No one

3. How often do you return to win your lost money back in the casino?

  1. Never
  2. Less, than half of the lost times
  3. Most of the times
  4. All the times

4. Have you ever announced that you were winning, while you were losing for sure?

  1. Never
  2. Less, than half of the times, when I've lost
  3. Most of the times

5. Have you ever felt that you had problems with gambling or just betting?

  1. Never
  2. Only in the past
  3. Yes, I have

Test I

1. After each type of gambling you have the answers:

  • one time per week or even more
  • less than one time per week
  • never

a) Do you ever play cards to achieve money?

b) Do you ever make animals bets (dogs, horses at bookies, tracks)?

c) Do you ever make sports bets?

d) Do you ever play dice games? (Craps etc.)

e) Do you ever play at the casinos?

f) Do you ever bet in lotteries?

g) Do you ever play bingo for money?

h) Do you ever play at stocks and commodities markets?

i) Do you ever play slots or poker machines?

j) Do you ever play golf, bowls for money?

k) Do you ever play "paper" tabs games?

l) Do you play other forms of gambling that haven't been written above? (Please, denote)

Test III

For the following questions answer "yes" or "no"

7. Have you ever played more, than you had expected?

8. Have you ever heard from other people that you had a gambling problem?

9. Have you ever felt yourself guilty, while gambling?

10. Have you ever felt a wish to stop gambling, but you couldn't?

11. Have you ever hidden some kind of gambling signs (betting tickets) from other people?

12. Have you ever argued with a person you live with about your money handling?

15. Have you ever missed work (school) in order to gamble?

13. (If you have "yes' to the 11th question) have you ever put money like a purpose of your gambling?

14. Have you ever borrowed money for games but haven't given them back?

16. If you borrowed money for gambling, where did you borrow? (Give "yes", "no" answers)

  1. Household
  2. Spouse
  3. Relatives (in-laws)
  4. Banks, loan and credit companies and union
  5. Credit cards
  6. Loan sharks
  7. Stocks, bonds (another securities)
  8. Your check account
  9. Bookie credit line
  10. Casino credit line


If you have given more "a" or "no" answers to the questions above, be glad - you don't have any gambling addiction problems.

If you have given "b" or "c" answers to the questions beginning from the 4th to the 6th or if you have given "yes" from the 7th up to the 16th questions, and it was from one to four times, then you have a slight, but, nevertheless, a problem with gambling.

If you have given answers "b" or "c" to the questions from the 4th to the 6th or "yes" - from the 7th to the 16th approximately five or even more times, then you display some compulsive gambling.