Compulsive gambling gravity

To be addicted - the same as to be blind and deaf: you don't see anything, the family's sorrow, your life is ruined; addicts don't hear complaints of surrounding people, don't hear their own mind, that tends to wake up very rarely, but still can do it…

Addiction classification of compulsive gambling is hidden in the really dangerous phase of desperation. It destructs addict's inner world: psychological and moral values are invisible in this "invisible" addiction.

Compulsive addiction controversy

The gambler declines the consequences of such pathological gambling. The only fact, that compulsive gambling is considered to be included in the Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, is really threatening. The gamblers deny acknowledging the failure impulses in control and they are very easily manipulated by the frightening temptation.

The gamblers can be excessive, but not everybody is a compulsive gambler: the right addiction identification is really worth enforcement of the close people, who surround a player. If you see such main signs of compulsive gambling as great gambling preoccupation, real control and behavior disorder, lots of negative consequences, that continue increasing and just general financial problems - that's that very evil of addiction.

General notion of money as something powerful and omnipotent, makes gamblers fight for it and obey it like slaves. And when gamblers lose power, they become crazy about this injustice and want to do everything possible to compensate the losses: thus the gamblers play more and more.

Compulsive gambling is equal to other types of addiction as kleptomania, pyromania etc. In all these diseases, the main symptom is mental disorder, and the most lamentable thing is that such addicted gamblers have all chances to be prone to these or other psychiatric illnesses. Personality disorder is on the first place being on the watch for the addicted persons.

The most prejudicial outcome influences the family of an addicted gambler. The researches, of 1991st indicate that men and women that were in relationship and gambled didn't stay for a long time with their be-loved: 10% of compulsive players were married even more, than three times. The gamblers, having compulsive addiction, will meet the frequent abuse and just the improper development of emotions and feelings, which will leave the step even after right treatment, very soon.

So, the compulsive sickness is really hard to be rooted out from the person's mind - it's hidden in the deepest shelter of the addict's inner world, which is not visible and impossible to understand for us. But we also suffer from the addict's incontrollable behavior, so it's never late to initiate the addicts' treatment, let's help them!