Addicted gambler's confession

It's really difficult to accept that you are not like others. As it frequently happens, nobody wants to confess in addiction: "I'm like others, what do you want from me? " And so on. People tend to be maximalists and are not willing to fall into the degradation. You're falling emotionally and mentally with addiction disease.

Let's examine different life stories of the most different persons: some of them has been cured already, somebody just doesn't want to accept help. But they've made the main thing - confession.

Gambler's Storylines

  • Raymond Mandale from Cambria tells his desperate story of non-effective treatment, during which his brain was implanted with electrodes for treating his compulsive gambling. It happened that this 58-year-old man was suffering from Parkinson's treatment and in order to cure this condition he was prescribed some drugs. As a result, he was forced to apply the lawsuits against involved pharmaceutical companies, because that deep brain stimulation was only followed by surgery, because this experiment only deteriorated the patient's condition, he confessed and just didn't want to meet addiction complication.
  • Leo Dirr has confessed in one of the Utah's sites that he's a real compulsive gambler. He says "If you eat one meal a day and it's a buffet, you might be a compulsive gambler." He recognized his condition, when he occurred to be in front of the empty plates with little money to have a bite in some cheap eatery. He confesses that he'd lost thousands of dollars and just the same amount of time because of gambling: "As long as I had chips, nothing else mattered." This is really lamentable, yet, a fact. Compulsive gamblers can't stop, but they adore light glitz, slots sounds, and air of hope…:"It all made me feel so alive." The main confession is that he doesn't want to change anything. He agrees with this lifestyle.
  • Abeeda Arie, a 49-year old woman of Muslim origin, who even wears thousands of scarves to hide her and prays the same amount of time during a day, one day visited a casino and won there lots of money. Soon, she felt an extremely strong wish to go back to the casino and to try her destiny there again. Her daughter has become very ill of AIDS, and in order to help her, she doesn't want to give up gambling, it's the only way to gain some money.

Those addicts who've already done it, made a confession, that they're not right and just need succour from anybody or anything - are lucky, because have found themselves on the road to the successful treatment and recovery. Confession and a very strong wish to be helped and healed are the most expected things in the addiction recovery. If they realize their problems, but don't want to turn addiction into real life - it's their choice, if it doesn't do harm to the surrounding people - let it be.