Correct gambling cure

We know that gambling addiction is a disorder that keeps on progressing, as soon as it has started. It usually begins very slowly from problem gambling, and someday a gambler notices that his/her wish to play is really unmanageable. Then, the addict realizes that all the attempts to control the own behavior fall apart, and it's the very moment to apply for professional help.

It's good, when compulsive gamblers manage to overcome addiction themselves, but it's really hard, and happens only with one- third of the addicted gamblers. To cure them in the special conditions is not also as easy, as it seems. Such disease needs professional and very competent people's help. Such treatment is similar to the programs in cases of other addictions, for example, alcoholic one.

An addicted can be cured by such counseling options:

Psychotherapy: the professional psychologists will help an addict to be cured mentally, because, as we know, compulsive gambling locates in the center of our brain and causes its disorder. So, they provide either cognitive-behavioral therapy or rational emotive therapy, which help the persons to arrange their feelings, thoughts and actions, which have become chaotic because of compulsive addiction. Psychotherapy explores different preconditions, which can be the source of destructive behavior.

Self-help: these are the programs, which incite the gambler to sort out the addiction condition himself: by reading books and examining the horrible experiences of other addicts. Maybe, this review will help him\her not to continue gambling. "Gamblers Anonymous" gives the 12 -step program, which is the best method among self-help methods of treatment.

Residential treatment: Such programs are organized to provide the specialized 24\7services for the addicts in the non-hospital form. Special environments are organized for the addicts, where the trained personnel help sick persons to climb out the gambling addiction.

Inpatient treatment: For the cure of addicts, here, the main idea is in the coordinated services, which are provided in the hospital regime. The gambler can participate in different therapeutic activities. Here the addicts will find the protective surroundings, support and the total treatment, which is accomplished 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Outpatient Rehabilitation: This program is recommended to the patients, who have lots of other responsibilities and just can't leave them: a job, a family. So, any time when they want, the addicts can enter the hospital and be cured there.

Everyone has to remember, that if you want to cure the addict, he\she really must pass some of these programs, or maybe the combination of them. Because if you lock the gambler somewhere and glad that he\she doesn't have an access to games, and he/she'll give up playing, you are sadly mistaken. An addict will never eliminate such habit alone, he\she needs to be cured.