Problem gambling addiction

There are so many difficulties and problems that we can create, there are so many temptations which we just can't resist, and all this is given to check whether we solve the particular task, or just don't keep the vital balance and dive into another eternal reality, when we see persons and things the way we'd like to see them. We're given an empty paper on which we draw sketches of our own future.

Gazing at addiction

You feel good in this "other world", because you're blind and deaf to the reality in which the closest and the most precious persons for you live - your family, friends, relatives. But the dangerous word "addiction" is so strong and so inexorable that we're just disarmed before this horrible and tricky temptation. Roulette 77. The following information will help you to find the answer to the worrisome question "why?" and to be more aware of the difficulties that you may encounter:

  • Addiction classification: there are lots of variants of gambling addiction, but the most known types are: the escape gambling, when the gamblers perceive the casino as their shelter and thus escape from all the problems that have outside, compulsive gambling - a player just can't control himself, this is very dangerous type; and professional gambling- when a gambler plays for the sake of winnings and he\she has enough skills to do this.
  • Addiction causes: there may be millions of them, people are different and one can be more influenced than other, and exposed to the addiction, but among the main reasons of gambling addiction is the biological ferment dopamine that can be overstimulated in the organism and just forces someone to do forbidden things. The feelings of high adrenaline, that players feel while gambling can also capture them forever and demand such heat more and more. The escaping factor at the casino from the real world, where there is only depression and the notion of "easy money" which everybody can receive at the casino also help addiction to seize the players.
  • Addiction phases: the addicted gamblers can pass the following stages of - winning phase, when a player having received the greatest portion of optimism wants to experiment this every time; losing phase - a gambler realizes that he\she is losing and wasting lots of own and borrowed money but just can't stop; and the desperation phase - a player is uncontrollable, frustrated and even prone to suicide.

After desperation phase if you manage to help in some way the gamblers, they will meet another phases of recuperation and everything can be solved. Just be vigilant, time is precious in any problem addiction, it devours the person…