types of addiction classification

There are lots of addiction classifications which you can find in the net space and just in books. But we'll try to make clear the main of them according to the classification of gamblers identification by Medical Doctor Robert L. Custer:

Escape gambling

This kind of addiction you will find everywhere, and it's considered to be the most famous. It's kind of gambling when the players seek in the games a solid shelter from different problems that they have outside the casino. They are escaping from the world with the greatest expectations that games will prove them to be valid in the contemporary environment, while winning. All depressions, sorrow they just leave at home shouldering on their family. They tend to play alone: whether it's slots online or bingo such gamblers are easily manipulated by others and just lured too much by gambling games.

Compulsive gambling

This is the most uncontrollable kind. The gambling has been converted into the vital need, without which the players just can't leave. And such addiction even progresses and shows its bad development into the horrible effect on their family and friends. They even can steal in order to gamble, because money is the main goal in their life, and the worst outcome is that such gamblers just can't stop, it becomes the style of their lives and thus they just decay by compulsive gambling.

Professional gambling

Such players consider casino to be their place of job, and winnings are presented as a monthly salary. They really feel themselves as the best experts of the particular game and such players don't leave this profitable but in much cases "robbing" sphere. The main point of this type is that they don't need the greatest treatment or something like this. This is really rare form of addiction, because there are not so many professionals in gambling that can rely only on their skills and experience.

Also there are some other kinds of gambling of antisocial gamblers (use gambling only to get more money, they can even claim themselves compulsive gamblers, but they aren't) and even social gamblers (Such gamblers gambler for relaxation and sociability, it can be casual involvement into gambling). You may meet also serious social gambling addicts (spent all their time at the casino, but they still control themselves). You have to always remember, that if you don't want to be related with such persons - run. But if you care, just try to help them anyhow.