Rational Emotive Therapy for addicts

Emotions and just inner world of each gambler is the center of addiction origin. "Rational emotive behavior therapy" is one of the addiction treatment programs, which will surely help the sick gamblers that have led themselves into the emotive disorder, where all the feelings are burst, and need to be linked.

Such emotive therapy is based on the psychological system and created by Albert Ellis in 1959, who was driving his inspiration from Roman, Greek and contemporary philosophers. This is psychotherapy, in which all the behavioral and emotional problems tend to be decided. The persons tend to have lots of disturbances, which enable them to be happier.

Therapy of addict's emotions

Speaking about addicts' help, the most essential thing about the Emotive Therapy is that it helps them to link thinking, action and feeling. Such principle of emotive relationship will help them to be cured completely and just saved. The addicts in the process of this therapy make the whole analysis of themselves, and especially of their own behavior: in such a way they have the power to influence and control all the situations.

When the gambling problem is analyzed, the first things that are explored are the addiction causes. There have always been some events or some thoughts that have led to the greatest wish to go to a casino, and these factors may be:

  • An Event, that foregoes gambling (loneliness, unpleasant feelings, even a fight);
  • Different thoughts that a person could have during some event (I'll certainly win, if I play at this moment, or I feel much better, when I'm in the casino etc.);
  • Different feelings, which tend to decide a level of gambling desire;
  • Behavior of the exact gambler;
  • Consequences of such behavior, which may be different and negative (bankruptcy, money loss, shame etc.).

Just describe all this items during the procedures of self-control. In such "insight" way of analysis, you can learn more of how to deal with your own thoughts and behavior. You will be manipulating the events and, as soon as you begin to think in a different way, you'll become a master in reacting towards your own behavior and you'll be in power to change it to better.